Night Owls vs. Morning Glories

A day off work for a Night Owl vs. a Morning Glory:

8:00am  Morning Glory has showered, checked e-mails and Facebook, updated a blog and dusted the living room.  Now, it is time to “settle down” for a leisurely breakfast and reading the newspaper or magazine.

Night Owl is snoring.

10:00am Morning Glory is ready to really get to work.  It is difficult to do noisy tasks without disturbing Night Owl.  Vacuuming  must be avoided.

Night Owl is snoring.

12:00pm Morning Glory wants to eat lunch.  It is Night Owl’s turn to cook. Will lunch be before 1:00? Maybe Morning Glory should eat a snack.

Night Owl is showering.

2:00pm  Morning Glory has washed the dishes, mopped, vacuumed, finished writing the grocery list, made phone calls, and will now enjoy reading.

Night Owl is deciding when to exercise.

4:00pm  Morning Glory has cleaned the house and is now eating a snack.

Night Owl is checking email.

6:00pm  Morning Glory has made supper and washed the dishes.

Night Owl is reading the newspaper.

8:00pm  Morning Glory has packed a lunch for work tomorrow, laid out tomorrow’s clothes to wear, set the alarm clock, and put on pajamas.

Night Owl announces, “So, what do you want to do today?”

10:00pm Morning Glory is reading before bed.

Night Owl is listening to music while playing a computer game.

12:00am Morning Glory is snoring.

Night Owl?  Who knows?!