Friendly Market of Florence KY

A chore-free Saturday leads to adventures.  This week, I visited some stores I have had on my list to peruse for a long time.  Friendly Market of 10050 Norbotten Dr, Florence, Ky was a little hard to find but worth the effort.

One building holds several small businesses. They all specialize in Kentucky made items such as teas, olive oils, fresh meats, cheese, jellies, honey, handmade candles, fresh seafood, and of course ice cream. I sampled several cheeses but I fell in love with the kulfi flavored ice cream at The Colonel’s Creamery. I was not familiar with this Indian dessert until my visit to Friendly’s but now it is a favorite treat. The smell of the seafood was a little overwhelming inside so step up to the service door without entering the building if you are just stopping for the ice cream.




Tempt your family’s bulging book elf with these recipes. Citrus by Valerie Aikman-Smith and Victoria Pearson is an enticing collection of recipes featuring a variety of citrus fruits. Grab your whisk and get started! There are recipes for the common fruits in your fruit bowl as well as the unusual ones such as Buddha’s hand. The multiplicity of recipes is so appetizing the reader cannot resist.There are drinks, main dishes, salads, spreads, and desserts. Some recipes tasted a little strong but can be easily adjusted to an individual’s preference. Greek Lemon Herbed Potatoes was my family’s favorite.
I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.

Seriously, who could resist this cover?