Antidote for Humanistic Sex Ed

More Than Just The Talk- Becoming your kids’ go-to person about sex by Jonathan McKee is an easy to read handbook for parents needing a little nudge in talking about sex with their kids. Sex is a topic that makes every parent sweat just a little when they think it’s time for “The Talk.” McKee reminds us that kids need an ongoing discussion, not just one conversation. Begin these conversations by age eight to maximize building a foundation for future talks. The topics parents hesitate to talk about are already being driven down kids throats at very early ages by the social media. If parents won’t discuss sex then kids begin looking for information somewhere else. Do you want your children to learn about sex from Google?
McKee’s message is well justified in exploring how much sex saturation our society holds. He explains how to open conversations with your children and how to handle their questions calmly. There are tips for dads supporting daughters and mothers teaching sons. McKee uses statistics from several sources to support his advice. This is the handbook for parents to help tell the complete truth to kids when schools will be only telling them the names of their body parts and how to use them. There is more to sex than just reaching a climax. If parents don’t tell the whole story, who will?
The examples that McKee uses from current music and videos will be outdated quickly but the principle will remain current. McKee reminds the reader several times of his lengthy youth ministry experience. Youth ministry experience is wonderful but a little humility is too. After all, the youth culture changes just about every week.
I received this book for free from the Bethany House blogger review program in exchange for an honest review.