Tapas of Comedy

Food- A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
This romance for food lovers is a “soup-to nuts” buffet of flavor. The author covers every conceivable aspect of culinary delight. There are restaurant reviews and summaries for breakfasts, drinks, snacks and desserts. To tickle the reader’s taste buds, Gaffigan includes a food map of the U.S., graphs, and a recipe or two. All of which tantalize the funny bone.
Short chapters make the book snack friendly. Read a skimpy serving whenever you need a few laughs. Feast on several pages when you have the time for more. Find out why a chubby waiter is better than a thin one. Discover how Gaffigan’s wife manages to stay so thin while married to a plump husband. Peruse the passages about the best food in New York City. Form your own opinions concerning the merits of a Hot Pocket. Make a menu of foods you do NOT want to try while traveling in Europe.
An avid reader often enjoys a treat while reading. What else would “bulging” in BulgingBookElf refer to? The problem with a comedic book about food is that it encourages hunger. Hunger encourages even more snacking. Perhaps each copy should include an attached bag of nuts or chips. No sharing. Get your own. http://www.randomhouse.com/book/236811/food-a-love-story-by-jim-gaffigan

The end of the book includes a benediction of sorts. “I hope your coffee is strong, your cheese is sharp, and your guacamole is chunky.” He really knows how to make a food lover’s eyes mist. I recommend this book for all its delicious merits.
I received this book from BloggingForBooks in exchange for a review.

Night Owls vs. Morning Glories

A day off work for a Night Owl vs. a Morning Glory:

8:00am  Morning Glory has showered, checked e-mails and Facebook, updated a blog and dusted the living room.  Now, it is time to “settle down” for a leisurely breakfast and reading the newspaper or magazine.

Night Owl is snoring.

10:00am Morning Glory is ready to really get to work.  It is difficult to do noisy tasks without disturbing Night Owl.  Vacuuming  must be avoided.

Night Owl is snoring.

12:00pm Morning Glory wants to eat lunch.  It is Night Owl’s turn to cook. Will lunch be before 1:00? Maybe Morning Glory should eat a snack.

Night Owl is showering.

2:00pm  Morning Glory has washed the dishes, mopped, vacuumed, finished writing the grocery list, made phone calls, and will now enjoy reading.

Night Owl is deciding when to exercise.

4:00pm  Morning Glory has cleaned the house and is now eating a snack.

Night Owl is checking email.

6:00pm  Morning Glory has made supper and washed the dishes.

Night Owl is reading the newspaper.

8:00pm  Morning Glory has packed a lunch for work tomorrow, laid out tomorrow’s clothes to wear, set the alarm clock, and put on pajamas.

Night Owl announces, “So, what do you want to do today?”

10:00pm Morning Glory is reading before bed.

Night Owl is listening to music while playing a computer game.

12:00am Morning Glory is snoring.

Night Owl?  Who knows?!


A Predictable “Accident”

The Accident by Chris Pavone was an exciting but predictable story. A revealing manuscript is in the possession of a literary agent who must stay one step ahead of killers who want to destroy the manuscript as well as anyone who has seen it. (Why not just make 100 copies of this thing and mail them?)There is plenty of action that sweeps the reader through a single day of heart thumping car chases and revealing secrets.This bookworm was drawn in to the tale to see who would survive. However, the “twist” presented in the climax was obvious throughout the story. It was a well written adventure that kept the reader’s attention and yet never swayed from the formula so common to bestsellers.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.